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All About Little League Cheer

"Show Your Spirit!"

Little League Cheer

Little League Cheer is a 14 week summer program! Perfect for all your cheer lovers or athletes wanting to prepare for school try outs or just have fun! The program offers 8 weeks of practice and then 6 weeks of cheering at Little League Football Games! 

This program is for kindergartner through 8th grade! With three different squads: k-1st grade, 2nd-3rd grade, and a 4th-8th grade squad.  

All you need to know! 

Please read through our Parent Packet. This entails all you need to know about Little League Cheer. A great way to get started with the registration process!

If you would like to continue your registration process,  Click Here


Why Union Football Games

We choose to run our program with the Union Football league for several reasons. First, the coaches are very supportive of the cheerleaders and make them feel very welcome at all the games. Second, initially we ran programs in both Union and Washington (via the parks dept.). After two years of trying, Washington did not yield enough enrollment to run an effective program and Union did. Cheer leading is most effective when you have a large group. In the past several years we have drawn kids from not only private schools from multiple towns, but public schools also.

Our Team

Meet the dream team that will be helping make this season of Little League Cheer one of the greatest!


Cora Eilers

Cheer Director 

Cora was a gymnast for six years and a cheerleader for seven years. She was a varsity cheerleader for all four years of high school. Cora has been with Little League Cheer for the past 6 years!


Ava Vandegriffe

Cheer Coach

Miss Ava will be assisting with our cheer practices! 


Skyler Johnson

Tumbling Coach

Miss Skyler will be teaching the tumbling portion of our practices. She will be assisting with the games as needed. 


Bridgette Hanneken

Cheer Coach

Miss Bridgette will be assisting with the games




Nadiana Peck

Program Director

Miss Nadiana will be our substitute coach anytime a coach can't be at practice. 


Becky Wagner

Miss Becky wil be manning the Front Desk during our practices. 




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