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2024 Little League Cheer Registration is OPEN!

Before Registering: Read through the entire 2024 Little League Cheer Program packet! This tells you everything about Little League Cheer! Even if you're returning please read, we have quite a few changes in there! CLICK HERE to view the 2024 Packet!

Two Part Registration: To register for Little League Cheer and save your athlete's spot in the program, you will be required to go through a two part registration process. If both of these steps are not done, your athlete will be unable to participate this season. 

Part One Registration: To start, please fill out the online registration below. 

Part Two Registration: Please allow up to 48 hours after part one has been completed to proceed to part two. You will receive a confirmation email, confirming that we received your online registration and to begin part two of the registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email 49 hours after your online form was sent in, please send it in again. 

Part One of Registration!

Squad Choice: This should reflect the grade your child is going into Fall 2024.
I Have Read the Little League Cheer Packet!

Thanks for submitting!

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